Stand Number: A7
Region: Dbayeh Grand Beirut
PO Box: 70-1010 beirut Lebanon - Afghanistan
Tel.: +961 4 555666
Fax: +961 4 555100
Email: maher.deiri@leroyalbeirut.com
Website: www.leroyalbeirut.com
Stand Manager: Maher Deiri
Watch out for smarter pirates this year at WaterGate! Get ready for a splashing summer! There are some exciting new changes at Le Royal's WaterGate Aqua Park, which will open its doors on June 1. The pirates at WaterGate are becoming more intelligent this year, planning and plotting their adventures with a scientific twist. In fact, WaterGate is teaming up with the Science Village to make it easier for kids to undertake both activities and enjoy different summer options. A lot of fun events are being planned around the world cup as well, adding excitement to the sun and fun on offer. WaterGate's rides are always safe, varied and supervised, while the food menus around the WaterGate Aqua Park will be especially yummy this year. Lots of great sandwiches, pizza, pasta and 'homemade' ice cream will you give you the energy you need for a great visit. Remember, there's the luxurious fabulousness of Le Royal hidden behind every activity at WaterGate. Just come and enjoy...