Stand Number: M31
PO Box: 90-1984 Jdeideh-Lebanon - Lebanon
Tel.: +961 4 716615
Mobile: +961 3 111343
Stand Manager: JEAN GHALO
In December 2002, when a group of visionaries gathered to revolutionize a seemingly embryonic concept in Lebanon, innovation was born, and that was Initially beginning as a nightlife information destination and photo database, soon branched out, to cover an array of affairs and offer a range of services in the entertainment industry. Today, it has over two million photographs archived, with over 48,600 on its website, making it the biggest nightlife, travel and tourism photo archive in the region. is primarily a nightlife agency in its absolute meaning, however is not confined solely to this domain. Their services and products also venture into the world of leisure, travel and tourism, growing by the minute. In 2010, it was ranked as one of the top 20 most visited sites in Lebanon, and ranked as the 90th leading website on a global scale. Mission: To promote Lebanon in its best light, bringing the details on nightlife, travel and tourism of the country to the world, in one universally accessible website.