Stand Number: I2-I15
Region: Beirut
PO Box: Lebanon
Tel.: +961 3 654731
Fax: +961 1 735 135
Stand Manager: Julie Tanas, Yara Harakeh
Activity: Authentic Lebanon, 3rd edition, as part of the Garden Show and Spring Festival in 2010, showcases sustainable tourism activities and promotes fair trade. Supporting Lebanon's natural and cultural conservation by showcasing; Nature Reserves, local festivals, craft workshop, Responsible Tourism opportunities, Beyond Beirut. The Authentic Lebanon is organized by Architree, a Lebanese NGO supporting Lebanese SMEs. Authentic Lebanon 2010 – Participant List * Almidan NGO Tel.: +961-(0)1-209 309 Fax: +961-(0)1-209 310 Email: Website: Address: 5th floor, Quantum Tower, Achrafieh, Beirut Almidan is a non-governmental association established recently in 2004 in Zgharta by a group of young professional people interested in humanitarian, cultural, educational, social and environmental activities. We aim at strengthening the capacity of the society by embracing the concept of sustainable development. Our activities are implemented within the following sectors: health activities, rural development and agriculture, environmental conservation and management, social development and cultural and educational awareness. In addition to this, Almidan has two main festivals, Ehdeniyat during the summer and Christmas by the lake during the winter. * Anamilouna Contact: Sarah Habash Tel./Fax: +961-(0)7-727 344 Mobile: +961-70-914 811 Tel.: +961-(0)1-803 320 / 972 221/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/Fax 9 Email: Address: Khan Ifranj - Saida Women Empowerment Center: Anamilouna was established in November 2001 by Mrs. Bahia Hariri to improve the economic situation of the family through enhancing the role of women while promoting & preserving Lebanese culture and heritage. Anamilouna’s mission is to empower women through capacity building such as traditional embroidery skills, job creation and career development. * Appui Aux Réserves Naturelles du Liban – Projet FFEM/AFD Website: Address: Ambassade de France, Agence Francaise de Developpement, Beyrouth – Liban The AFD, the Groupe Agence Française de Développement, is a bi-lateral development finance institution established in 1941. It works on behalf of the French government. The project “Appui aux réserves naturelles du Liban’ provides full support to the protection of biodiversity and empowering the local and economical aspects of the six protected sites in Lebanon: Arz Shouf, Horsh Ehden, Tannourine, Bentael, Tyre Coast and wetlands of Kfar Zabad. * Architree Mobile: +961-(0)3-654 731 Fax: +961-(0)1-735 135 Email: Address: Beirut - Lebanon Architree is a Lebanese NGO promoting Design for Development. Architree promotes fair trade and export of Lebanese gift items since ten years. Among its activities, Architree: • organizes Authentic Lebanon in support of Small and Medium Enterprises and NGOs promoting nature and culture preservation through responsible tourism activities and supporting local community development. • supports workshops in training and product development. • launches the Barjis, a traditional board game, at Architree stand, selling and game learning sessions will be organized. * Beyond Beirut Tel.: +971-(0)1-201 153 Email: Website: Address: Beirut – Lebanon Beyond Beirut is a Lebanon based non-governmental organization with a mission to encourage the development of experiential tourism beyond the city limits of Beirut through creating a tourism industry platform for cooperation and market growth. * Responsible Mobilities Contact: Pascal Abdallah Mobile: +961-(0)3-218 048 Tel./Fax: +961-(0)4-910 017 Email: Address: Deek el-Mehdi - Al Maten; Al Ouyoun street; Building number 297; 4rth flour P.O. Box: Antelias – 70569 Responsible Mobilities is a Tour Operator who is dedicated to responsible tourism. RM participates to the development of all regions of Lebanon by supporting the local communities in rural areas, on the economic, environmental, socio-cultural levels; supports mountain monitoring and research programs, and educates visitors about the effects of climate change on mountains and coasts by organizing international days and national events, minimizing negative impact of tourism. RM is specialized in educational tourism, family tourism, rural tourism, ecotourism and slow tourism. * Srifa Atelier Contact: Rodayna Khalil Mobile: +961-70-906 337 Email: Srifa atelier was born as a result of a project aiming at improving socio-economic conditions in the South of Lebanon, particularly focusing on the role of the women within their families and community. A group of 17 women, coming from the villages of Srifa, Froun and Ghandurie, managed to re-invest in their future. * Yaddi Association Tel.: +961-(0)9-911 133 Fax: +961-(0)9-911 136 Email: Website: Address: Main office: KBC Center, 5th floor, Kaslik - Jounieh - Lebanon Camelia's SARL is a family-run company handcrafting natural soap products in the heart of Lebanon. Our Factory is located in “Anfeh” north Lebanon known with its breathtaking natural view near the sea and its olive trees facing the Lebanese mountains. With this amazing landscape located between the mountains and the Lebanese shore. Our Collection incorporates the following: The Afkar collection, The Asrar Collection, The SeaSpa Collection.